US Monthly Chartbook – Markets Spring Ahead – May 2013 (Credit Suisse)

May 2013

KEYWORDS: investor confidence, S&P 500, mutual funds, ETF, Hedge Fund Performance, stock, limit up/limit down rule, circuit breakers, Flash Crash, Equity markets, trading volume, bid-ask spread


Ana Avramovic

  • Credit Suisse


It’s interesting that we still hear about a “lack of investor confidence” given that many metrics suggest our market is very healthy now: money is flowing into mutual funds again (ETFs have been positive for a while – see p.5), price gaps are not as frequent as the headlines might have you believe (p.2), volatility is at the lowest levels ever (p.2), the S&P is establishing new all-time highs – even volumes are picking up again (p.6).
In this month’s chartbook we also take a look at block trading and the decline in the average trade size (p.5); intraday patterns by trading venue and by sector (p.7); and include a special section on regulation highlighting the recent Limit Up Limit Down rule and changes to the market wide circuit breakers (p.3).

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