Hedge Fund Glossary

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used in the context of Financial Statements, refers to financial information that is broken out to show the results of different parts of a corporate structure. The most common example is the condensed, Consolidating financial information required by SEC Rule 3-10 of Regulation S-X, which applies to certain Issuers with debt Securities that are guaranteed at the parent or subsidiary level. In certain instances, Rule 3-10 requires a footnote providing condensed, Consolidating financial information in tabular format with columns for the parent company, the subsidiary guarantors on a combined basis, any non-guarantors on a combined basis, Consolidating adjustments and total Consolidated amounts. Compare Consolidated. For a complete discussion of when Consolidating financial information is required, see Latham & Watkins publication: Financial Statement Requirements in US Securities Offerings: What You Need to Know (May 25, 2007), available at www.lw.com.

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