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Certain Funds

is a requirement of the UK Takeover Panel (which regulates acquisitions of public companies in the UK) and a number of comparable European regulators that the bank making a takeover offer on behalf of a bidder must verify that the bidder has the money available to close its deal at the time the public offer is first announced. This means the financing commitments for a going private transaction need to be almost completely condition free (so the bidder can be “certain” that it will have the funds when it needs them). Although the Certain Funds requirement only applies as a matter of regulation to acquisitions of European public companies, sellers of private companies in Europe may seek to require that the buyers have Certain Funds commitments to provide the required financing as a condition to winning the private auction of the company being sold. Although there have been some examples of Certain Funds style financing commitments in the US market, they are few and far between.

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