Hedge Fund Basics

The global hedge fund industry is comprised of nearly 10,000 individual hedge funds and managed futures funds.  The investors majority of global hedge fund investors are state and municipal pension plans, corporate pension plans, university endowments and foundations.  Hedge funds and managed futures funds serve as a tool that enables investors to diversify their portfolios as they seek consistent and risk adjusted returns with low levels of volatility.  Learn more about the global hedge fund industry by exploring the materials below:


  • Hedge Funds 101

    Learn the basics of the hedge fund industry.

  • Hedge Fund Facts

    Learn more about the hedge fund industry with MFA’s educational materials.

  • FAQs

    Find more information about the hedge fund industry.

  • Industry Fact Sheets

    Learn more about the history, structure, size, international presence, strategies, and regulation of the global hedge fund industry.

  • Investment Strategies

    Hedge funds use a variety of strategies to manage risk and provide consistent returns for their global investors.

  • Myth vs. Fact

    There are many misunderstandings about the global hedge fund industry.  Here, MFA provides the facts to answer common hedge fund myths.

  • Performance

    A look at the recent performance of the global hedge fund industry. Learn more with MFA's Performance Fact Sheet.

  • Who Invests?

    A closer look at the background of who invests in the global hedge fund market.

  • Why Invest?

    An examination of a few of the many reasons to invest with hedge funds.

  • Hedge Fund Glossary